League Info. (FAQ)for Fall
Q. Is it too late to register my daughter for soccer?
A. Registration opens in June till 3rd week of the season. 
Q. When does the season start? 
A. The first Saturday after Labor Day
Q. When does Spring season start?
A. Usually the last week of March.
Q. How long does the season last?
A. 10 games. 
Q. When are the games played?
A. They are played on Saturdays at Higgins Road fields. (There may be week-night games, check schedule)
Q. What time are the games played?
A.  Any time from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  Your coach will provide a schedule.
Q.  When will I hear from my coach?
A.  Your coach will receive the team roster in late  August.
Q.How are teams selected?
A. We draft new teams every season.  This gives the girls a chance to meet new players, and play for different coaches.  This helps to broaden the players experiences on the soccer field.  In the spirit of fair play this prevents a "super-team" from dominating every season, or a sub-par team from losing every season.
Q. Can I request a coach?
A.  No we do not allow for coaches requests.  Only a coach and assistant coach may request to be paired together.  We honor one special request per player (friend or carpool). Our goal is to balance teams as much as possible. We will always keep same-age-group siblings together (unless parents want them separated).  We will not honor "daisy-chain" requests (Mary requests, Jane, Jane request Jill, Jill requests Joan).
Q. When are practices?
A. This is determined by the team coach.  There is usually 1 practice per week for 45 to 90 minutes (Mini Mites and Pee Wee - not mandatory).
Q. Where are practices?
A. This is determined by the coach.  Coaches may practice at any public school field.  You may not practice at Higgins, Geik Park, Veterans Park or Phillips Park.
Q. I do not feel my daughter is ready to move up, can she play down this season?
A. We’re sorry, but your child must play in their age group.  We get this question a lot.  Your child will adapt quickly. Offer plenty of support and encouragement, and she will do well.
Q. What fees are involved?
A. There is a registration fee of $70.00 for 1 child, and $50.00 for each additional sibling. 
There is a registration fee of $85.00 for 1 child, and $60.00 for each additional sibling for Masters division.
Each family must include:
A $100.00 work bond check.
A $50.00 fund raiser check (Spring season only)
Q.  What are the fees if I have a carded travel player in your league?
A. Your fee is $50.00 for each player registered in Rec. Soccer.  Your work bond and fund raiser fees are per family, and are paid through your travel team.
Q. What is a work bond check?
A. At registration each family is required to send a $100 check as bond for work.
The league is asking for 2 hours of volunteer work. At the completion of work the check is returned to the family.
If volunteer work is not completed, the check is cashed.
Opt Out
A parent may choose to "Opt Out".  This means the parent cannot or will not volunteer, and forfeits their bond to be cashed.  If the registration is paid by credit card, the card is automatically charged the $100 ( an additional check is not required.)
Q. How do I volunteer for my work bond?
A. Go up to the concession stand at the first game, and schedule a time.  It can be before, during or after your daughter’s game.  You will be assigned a duty the on your scheduled day.  If you are interested in 50/50 or team mom, let your coach know when he/she makes his initial call.
Q. What is a fund raiser check?
A. Each Spring season the league collects a fund raiser check and distributes chance books to each family.  The family may sell the chances or fill in their own name.  The league holds a drawing during the Spring Rec. Tournament.
Q. How is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. place decided if more than one team in a division finishes with the same amount of points?
A. In the event of a tie within the division, the following priority will be used to determine 1st, 2nd. or 3rd place:
            1stMost wins 
            2nd...Head to head (not applicable for 3 way tie)
            3rdGoals against

Q. What if it is raining, or rained last night?

A. Soccer is played in the rain, so plan on playing, but always check the web site before leaving for a game.  We will close the fields if they are unsafe for play.  We are pleased to announce a Field Closing txt message alert system. 

Don’t get left out in the rain! Stay on top of soccer field closures by signing up for text message alerts.  You don’t have to worry about being near a computer to check your email, or web site.
Note: We will still send an email alert as well when closing the fields.This allows you to sign up for text message notifications when we close the fields due to rain or other weather related events.
There is a "sign up" link in the "Field Status" box on our site.  Click  the "Sign up for Text Message Alerts!" here or in the Field Status box on our web site www.gslob.com, and enter your email address, phone number, and select which field you want to receive a notification. Standard txt msg. rates apply.
NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation txt, then please send a text message to 79516 with "Yes" in the subject. Once the "Yes" is sent, you should receive a Welcome txt message from RainOut.  Now you will receive txt messages when the fields are closed.

Q. How do I update my email address, do I see you my info?

A. This is something you can change.  Each parent is responsible for keeping their household information up to date.  Please go to the registration link, and click "I am currently registered and would like to update my personal info."  Click here to update

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